Iqbal seminar 2014

Science and theology

Iqbal Seminar 2014


Sat. 8th Nov. 2014   10.30 am. – 3 pm.

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Arr. Iqbal Academy Scandinavia (IAS) and Islamic-Christian Study Centre (IKS)


Place: Islamic-Christian Study Centre, Ryesgade 30B, 2200 Kbh. N


Natural science and theology are two different disciplines. Natural science primarily deals with the physical world and the human body, while theology deals with transcendence and the spiritual world.

The relationship between them has been strained in Christian as well as in the Muslim tradition. In some periods, they worked separately and were in conflict with each other. In some other periods, there was a more harmonious relationship between them, and the theologians sought to establish a compromise between faith and reason.

In modern times the question of the relationship between science/scientific interpretation and religion/religious interpretation of the world has been actualized again. There are many who do argue for the need for research-collaboration between these two, whether we deal with the natural or spiritual phenomena. This opens up a new epistemological approach where relationship between the physical and the transcendent realm is seated in a new perspective.


1st part:     Moderator: dr.theol. Lissi Rasmussen, director of IKS


10.30-11.00: Iqbal’s philosophy of religion and science as well as the importance of religiosity in the pursue of scientific explorations as admitted by the world’s great scientists.

Ghulam Sabir, author of the book, Religion and Physics


11.00-12.00: Science and theology in Islam (Iqbal)

                       Muhammad Sharif Baqa, London


12.00-12.30: Discussion


12.30-13.00: LUNCH


2nd part    Moderator: dr. Safet Bektovic


13.00-14.30: Islam and rationality – two examples: al-Jâhiz (9th century) and Muhammad ‘Abduh (19th century)

Philippe Provencal, research fellow, Natural History Museum of Denmark


The technical-scientific view of humanity and the role of religion

Nicolai Halvorsen, University chaplain, Nature- and Health science


14.30-15.00:  Coffee, discussion and conclusion